AZP Capital, LLC is an Arizona Real Estate Investment firm, specializing in acquiring Non-Performing 1st Trust Deed, Mortgages and REO’s secured by residential properties nationwide.  Our core strength is the ability to create passive cash flow through the traditional industry exit strategies. In addition, the Company has created a unique seller finance platform, which monetizes the asset through several revenue streams.  We work with investors to build a portfolio of passive income investments.

The strength of our firm is the diversity of our team members with respect to skill sets and experience in the distressed assets market.


After the subprime lending fiasco, real estate investors large and small had the ability to pick up foreclosure properties at a substantial discount. Home prices had dropped, interest rates took a nosedive to historic lows, and inventory was plentiful — especially in the foreclosure market. Real estate investors could buy these properties at a discount that would allow them to renovate and sell for a profit. For the buy and hold investors, purchasing these properties from the banks or via short sale provided them the ability to reposition these properties for generous cash flow.


We currently have inventory available  in Alabama and Ohio. Click Here for more info.


January 19- January 20, 2017

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Mortgage Notes & NPL/RPL Forum (East)

Jay will be moderating the panel on Selecting, On-Boarding, Communicating, Building a Relationship & Supervising your Servicer

January 28-29, 2017

Newark, New Jersey

The Distressed Mortgage Expo

Jay will be a panel discussion moderator


Our mission is to achieve unrivaled satisfaction to all we engage. From our acquisition partners to our third party vendors, strategic alliances and partnerships we strive to maintain a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship.

To the distressed borrower, we strive to provide a unique and unparalleled experience, through effective communication and dialogue aimed at creating positive solutions that satisfy their needs.

To our investors and joint venture partners, we are committed to provide superior service and performance and most important, provide security with their investment and confidence in our firm.



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